The Morgan Hospitality Soil Count Process

September 30, 2019 | Hospitality

At Morgan Hospitality, we work hard to make sure we’re serving you the best quality linens possible. That’s why we’re diligent about making sure your hospitality linens (tablecloths, cloth napkins, aprons, uniforms, etc.) are counted, tracked, and cleaned with the utmost efficiency and care.

Ever wonder what happens to your soiled linens when they get picked up from your facility? Here’s a step-by-step overview of our laundry program:

  • All soiled laundry will be placed inside laundry bags provide by Morgan Hospitality
  • Next, each laundry bag is tied & tagged with a barcode for tracking purposes. The soil tag includes vital information such as the customer name, account number and laundry pick-up date.
  • From there, the laundry is loaded onto the Morgan Services truck by a route service representative where it is transported to our processing plant facilities.
  • Upon arrival, the soil tag is read by software at laundry intake station and then tracked as the laundry back moves throughout our facility. Every step of the way, the barcode is scanned and detailed information about the bag’s contents appears on our screens.
  • To count the soiled laundry, a Morgan Services team member feeds articles through our vacuum powered counters, where they’re taken to the sorting hopper for cleaning.
  • Once cleaned, the fresh laundry is repackaged and resupplied back your venue.

Watch our video to learn more: