Morgan Services Simplifies Hospitality Linen Inventory Management

June 14, 2019 | Hospitality

As a leader in the hospitality space, Morgan Services understands the needs of our customers when it comes to inventory management. Making sure you have the correct amount of table linens at your disposal on a given day is critical to the success of your business. Too much and you’re running out of storage space. Too little and your banquet service falters. That’s why we take pride in our inventory management solutions – ensuring your linens are tracked efficiently so you always have plenty of product on hand until your next delivery.

Assured Stock Availability Program

As part of our inventory management solutions, Morgan Services has made a commitment to a program we call “Assured Stock Availability” (ASA) – sometimes referred to as “safety stock.” Safety stock is an additional stock of linens that is used as a buffer to make sure you’ll never run out at an inopportune time. By making sure you always have a little bit more inventory on hand than you usually need in a week, you’re prepared for anything – a surprise event, severe weather or even natural disasters that might delay the next inventory delivery.

New Handheld Device

In addition to our Assured Stock Availability program, Morgan Services is making other changes to ensure we are on top of inventory supplies. Starting this summer, our service reps will come to each linen delivery appointment equipped with a handheld device that is linked to our customers’ account. In the event that the customer wants to make adjustments to their delivery for the following week, these changes will be logged on the spot and made in real-time. Gone are the days of clumsy paper forms that are hard to track and have the potential to be lost or damaged. These new devices allow our team to make changes on the fly, making sure your requests are properly logged and take effect right away.

Seasonal Inventory Changes

This new tool can be extremely useful as we move into the summertime, when private events or banquets may be held in hospitality spaces that require more inventory that usual. These seasonal changes to inventory needs will be easier than ever for the Morgan team to track and provide to our customers – giving them the flexibility necessary as seasons change.

Cost-Conscious Inventory

By maintaining a close eye on your inventory, with the help of Morgan Services inventory management solutions, you can work to make your table linens as cost-efficient as possible. Between our Assured Stock Availability program and our ability to make real-time changes to delivery instructions, we work with our customers to ensure total inventory management that is cost-conscious every step of the way.