Privacy Curtain Program Reduces Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI)

June 26, 2019 | Healthcare

Recent studies have confirmed that hospital textiles (bedsheets, privacy curtains, etc.) as well as other soft surfaces like chairs and pillows have the potential to transmit infectious pathogens. These pathogens can transfer from patient room textiles onto the hands of hospital staff and be carried from room to room if they are not properly contained and removed. Things like C.diff, Staph, MRSA and others contribute to the 1.7 million Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) that occur each year. In fact, the December 2018 issue of “Infection Control Today” shares a study in which it was determined that 37% of hospitals surveyed only cleaned standard hospital room curtains when they were “visibly soiled” and were most often changed or cleaned only “when a patient had been discharged from an isolation room for a multi-drug resistant organism.”

With that in mind, it became clear that a solution needed to become available to combat an unseen enemy. Enter Morgan Services’ Privacy Curtain Program.

Morgan’s Privacy Curtain Program

Morgan Services’ Privacy Curtain Program makes it possible to track curtain inventory from hospitals when it goes out to be cleaned. Because these dangerous pathogens have been discovered on the hands of staff after opening/closing privacy curtains, it’s important that each individual privacy curtain from a hospital is washed on a timely schedule. When these pathogens are removed from the curtains, a hospital has greater infection control and is able to provide better patient care. We partner with hospitals around the country to professionally launder privacy curtains so that they meet the most demanding industry standards for safety and hygienic protection.

Tracking Data

To aid in the organization and inventory of these curtains, Morgan Services tracks every curtain using the latest RFID and barcode technology, so hospitals always know their location and status as well as which patient room it is assigned to. This data becomes invaluable to the customer – a hospital or medical facility – because it allows them to see which curtains have been cleaned and when. By being able to track and trace when a privacy curtain was last cleaned, a hospital can better ensure that these germs and bacteria are removed on a regular basis.

Curtain Inventory Management

Additionally, the fact that Morgan places a barcode on each of these curtains helps ensure they are replaced swiftly and easily back in the patient rooms where they belong after they have been cleaned. A single hospital may have many different styles, lengths, and patterns of patient privacy curtains. The tracking barcode helps simplify the re-stocking of these curtains, ensuring they end up back in the correct rooms with seamless turnaround.


The Morgan Services team handles it all. Everything from hanging and removing the curtains, to mending them when necessary and providing loaner curtains while the inventory is in rotation. We are a one-stop-shop for privacy curtain cleaning – all logistics will be handled by our team of dedicated launderers. Fully scalable to meet your needs, the Privacy Curtain Program is a comprehensive, cost-effective solution to fight this unseen source of infection before it spreads.