Microfiber Mops

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Super Mop

Super Mop

The Super Mop can be used wet or dry, and is able to eliminate dust mopping prior to wet mopping. Single use per room eliminates potential for cross-contamination.

  • Reduce water and chemical usage by 70%
  • Bright orange color to stand out
  • Folded edges allow for 100% microfiber cleaning surface
Microfiber Flat Wet Mops

Microfiber Flat Wet Mops

Microfiber flat wet mops use polypropylene scrubbing strips for better deep grout line cleaning by creating scrubbing action. Wet mops have an additional layer of microfiber for fluid retention versus a layer of foam, making it more bacteria resistant.

  • Excellent launderability
  • Available in four colors for coding systems: red, yellow, green, and blue in 18" and 24"
Microfiber Looped Wet Mops

Microfiber Looped Wet Mops

Microfiber looped wet mops have no foam inner layers, only additional layers of microfiber for greater absorbency.

  • Low abrasive wet pads for general use
  • As durable as any microfiber on the market
  • Available in blue and green in 18" and 24" lengths

Microfiber makes a difference

Microfiber is a strong, lint-free, ultra-fine fiber that is more effective than traditional cotton fiber and removes bacteria, even without chemicals. It is the one of the most effective products for cleaning and is widely accepted for use in healthcare facilities.

Benefits of Microfiber:

  • Reduces bacteria levels up to 99%, far and away more than traditional cotton cleaning products. (EPA)
  • Eliminates room-to-room cross contamination. (UC Davis Medical Center)
  • Easier to use and more absorbent, resulting in upwards of 20% labor savings and a reduction in Workers-Compensation claims. (UC Davis Medical Center)
  • Delivers 95% reduction in water and chemical costs, and reduced drying time, saving electricity. (EPA)