Air Fresheners

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Flex Dispenser

Flex Dispenser

The flex dispenser's universal-fit metered spray collar accepts most can types, and works with gel, wick, and metered spray refills.

  • Converts to fan or metered spray modes
  • Adjustable gel tray
  • Operates for over 30 days with a single heavy duty D-cell battery
  • Swing-open cover and bottom battery placement
  • Durable casing and optional lock
  • Adjustable Spray Interval
F-Matic High Performance Gel Fragrance Cartridges

F-Matic High Performance Gel Fragrance Cartridges

Cartridges provide continuous odor neutralization and air enhancement for 30 days.

  • Made with organic ingredients and botanical fragrance oils
  • New patent pending Pop and Twist Removable Seal
  • Foil seals to prevent fragrance leakage before use
  • Fits in all F-MATIC fan dispensers
  • Available in 22 scents: Apple, Mountain Mist, Wild Berry, Crusair, Sweet Pea II, Key Lime, Florida Lemon, Grapefruit Slice, Hibiscus, Citrus Mandarin, Spring Herb, Jasmine, Orchard Peach, Pineapple, Melon Harvest, Sun Green, RainForest, Vanilla Musk, Strawberry, Orchid, Aspen, Cherry
F-One Passive Air System Refill

F-One Passive Air System Refill

Refills offer 60 days of odor control and air enhancement.

  • Spill resistant from start to finish
  • Simple twist opening
  • Effectively fights odors
  • Covers 6,000 cubic feet
  • Gravity-operated system
  • Fits competitors' dispensers.
  • Fragrances include: Orange Grove, Mountain Breeze, Spring Flowers, Cherries Jubilee, Naturally Clean, Mango Mystique

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