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From linen and uniform rental to specialty laundry services to inventory tracking and reporting, Morgan is the perfect fit to make everyone look good.

About Morgan Services

Morgan Services is a family-owned textile company with a long and distinguished heritage in the specialty laundry field. We have been providing linen and uniform services for all types of facilities since 1887. Morgan is the first coast-to-coast linen and uniform laundry operation that TRSA (Textile Rental Services Assoc.) has certified to its Clean Green international standard, recognizing leadership in sustainability and conservation.


Morgan Services Truck

National Network

Every week, nearly 200 Morgan trucks deliver hundreds of thousands of pounds of laundry from our plants coast-to-coast to thousands of customers. Our national footprint means the flow of Morgan products is significantly less likely to be interrupted, even if an emergency impacts a local plant. All Morgan facilities nationwide are company-owned, meaning we share best practices, standardized processes and a commitment to deliver great service at a fair price.

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