March 17, 2020 | Hospitality

Tablecloths can be more than just for decoration or place setting; they can have an influence on other factors, and you may not even realize it.


Keeping germs away

Table linens add elegance to your dining experience, but did you know they also reduce the number of bacteria patrons are subjected to, ensuring tables are more sanitary? Clean table linens are one of the best ways to defend against germ transfer on tables.

Linen-covered tables reduce bacteria transfer between patrons. Tablecloths are an easy way to make your customers feel at ease about placing their silverware on the table. Your staff will come in less contact with dirty tables, keeping them healthy as well.


A better dining experience

Tablecloths can also control how long and how much restaurant-goers eat. Studies show that customers eat more, for longer and rate the food better when seated at a table with a tablecloth1.

Tablecloths can impact your restaurant, making the atmosphere feel more complete and put together. They can even impact how the quality of food at the establishment is perceived. When having a tablecloth present at a table, it can improve the dining experience, making for a better ambiance and promote enjoyment. Customers are more likely to come back to that establishment or recommend it to a friend.

A study was conducted involving 159 participants, adding table linen as a variable and eating in a group, rather than alone. In the group that ate with dim lighting and a tablecloth, people consumed 51% more soup than those who ate in dim light without a tablecloth.2


The more you know

There are several psychological and environmental influences on our decisions every day. Now you better understand why you are more drawn to restaurants with tablecloths.

If you are looking to implement tablecloths at your establishment, see what Morgan Hospitality can offer you.






January 22, 2020 | Hospitality

The first impression you have with a restaurant is the atmosphere. It’s the table arrangements, place settings, and linens, and it can say a lot about the restaurant. Below are a few tips on how to choose the best linen colors for your establishment.

Know Your Theme and Purpose

Are you a casual café or more of an upscale dining establishment? Your vibe and atmosphere can be defined by the colors of linens that you choose. If you are more casual, you can play with colors and different patterns. The type of cuisine can make an impact on table linens as well. Are you a homegrown, farm-to-table restaurant? Try earth colors, like greens, tans, and blues. These colors are calm and contemporary, setting up the restaurant atmosphere.

If you are going for more of an upscale dining experience, try crisp white tablecloths. To add a pop of color to your arrangement, choose colored napkins, like red for an elegant feel, or black for a strong contrast.



Play with Color Schemes and Complementary Colors

Another way to experiment with color is by setting a color scheme for your entire restaurant. You have the opportunity to coordinate your table setting with the overall décor of your space. Perhaps you want your table linens to match your restaurant logo. This can help with the color association for your restaurant and leave a lasting impression on customers.

The use of complementary colors can help leverage your restaurant and make your customers feel excited about their dining experience.

Be Creative and Have Fun

There are so many options and varieties when it comes to choosing your table linens. Rather than treating your linens solely as a functional necessity, allow your choices to add another layer of interest or elegance to your space as a whole. It’s an easy way to add a pop of color or pattern to your table setting. Take control of the place settings, color schemes and the overall atmosphere of your restaurant or establishment.

Morgan Services offers a wide range of napery and table linen color options. See how we can help serve your establishment here.

December 13, 2019 | Hospitality

You manage your operations down to the tiniest detail. At Morgan Hospitality, we understand the many facets of your job, and we strive to help increase your efficiencies in any way that we can. That’s why we offer a variety of disposable supplies and solutions – one less thing you have to worry about.

  • Eliminate last minute trips to the store
  • Work with fewer vendors
  • Always receive the proper amounts and the proper frequency
  • Pay a competitive price for more convenience than the alternatives

Along with your customized uniform and linen service, we can customize what additional products you need and how often you need them. We stock the highest quality products, ensuring the best performance and no interruption in service.

We’re constantly adding more product offerings to our catalog, so ask your Morgan service rep how we can help during our next visit.


November 25, 2019 | Hospitality

Morgan Hospitality takes pride in helping restaurants and hotels put their best foot forward with table linens and uniforms year-round. But Thanksgiving is a time of year where even those of us who are celebrating at home are looking to add that extra special flare.

If you’re breaking out your linen napkins for Thanksgiving this year, give some of these timeless folding tricks a try:

  • Arum Lily
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Crown
  • Envelope
  • Goblet Fan
  • Ice Cream Cone
  • Pyramid Fold
  • Rosebud

Learn all these techniques and more with step-by-step videos from our partners at Milliken linens.

October 24, 2019 | Hospitality

A primary mission of the Textile Rental Services Association, or TRSA, is to promote a stronger, safer and more environmentally conscious community. One of the ways they do this is through their Clean Green Certification, which recognizes large-scale laundry and textile companies for sustainable practices. Customers who work with Clean Green companies are assured that these companies are working hard to conserve resources and minimize environmental impact.

Companies who have obtained the Clean Green Certification, like Morgan Services, focus on making their operations as efficient as possible by utilizing high-capacity washing, drying and wrinkle-removal equipment. These facilities are required to document water and energy reduction as well as follow a set of guidelines referred to as Best Management Practices.

BMPs required for Clean Green Certification include (but are not limited to):

  • Recapturing drained water from rinses for reuse

  • Using environmentally friendly detergents

  • Removing solids and liquids from wastewater

  • Installing solar energy and energy-efficient lighting

  • Recycling programs

  • Re-routing trucks to save vehicle fuel

Certification is granted when TRSA inspects laundry facilities and approves documentation of a company’s BMP deployment through production reports they submit to auditors during inspections. Clean Green certified companies are accredited for three years at a time.

To learn more about TRSA and the Clean Green Certification, visit

August 21, 2019 | Hospitality

When it comes to hospitality venues, commercial floor mats have got you covered – figuratively and literally. Nearly every location from the front-to-back of a restaurant or hotel facility can benefit from the protection of a commercial floor mat. Take a minute and think about all of the potential common areas in hotel or restaurant near your house – you’ve got entryways, kiosks, front desks, kitchens, etc. All of them can be improved and made safer with the introduction of floor mats.


Let’s start with the outside of a building. Consider the number of patrons that enter a hotel or restaurant on a given day. Now, imagine they live in Chicagoland and it’s February. It’s likely that these patrons will be tracking in all kinds of mud, snow and salt with them as they enter the establishment. Not only is that unattractive for the hotel’s entryway and the cause of frequent floor cleanings, but it also poses a serious safety risk with regard to potential slips and injury. For these types of locations, we recommend a “Super Scrape” mat. They are durable and hold up under busy foot traffic, and they also have deep grooves where patrons can clean off their shoes before entering the building.

Front Desk

Jump ahead – now we’re in the building. Maybe there’s a lobby or a front desk area. Or if it’s a restaurant, maybe there’s a host stand. This is where a logo mat is a great way to go. Logo mats can be personalized with the company’s logo, and it’s a great opportunity to incorporate a little branding and color accent to the entryway. By using this space to introduce a company’s logo, it’s one more way to provide a cohesive, branded experience for a customer. Not to mention, logo mats come in a variety of styles from carpet to nylon or rubber to provide comfortable, durable solutions for foot traffic.

Kitchen/Back of House

Finally, follow the entryway back into the kitchen area. Here you’ll find the hardest working employees in the venue, working long shifts and standing on their feet for hours at a time. In this space, we recommend a rubber comfort mat. These anti-fatigue mats are cushioned and provide additional support for hospitality workers who stand for significant lengths of time. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re also made with nitrile rubber that is resistant to oil and grease, treated with an anti-microbial agent that guards against microorganisms, and textured to provide skid resistance. They’re everything a kitchen needs to ensure comfort and safety for their employees.

As you might imagine, commercial floor mats should be cleaned regularly to make sure the appearance of the venue remains at the highest possible level. What is your facility missing?

July 11, 2019 | Hospitality

A recent article in Forbes Magazine debunked the rumor that 90% of restaurants fail within the first year. It’s actually closer to 1 in 5 and is typically higher in restaurants with smaller staffs. But even so, the restaurant industry can be a cutthroat place to start a business. What can set you apart in an industry as competitive as hospitality? Our recommendation? Start with your image.

Great looking uniforms provide a wide range of benefits and can positively influence restaurant patrons at every touchpoint in your restaurant. Consider the following benefits from the restauranteur’s perspective:

  • Branding/Tone. Uniforms provide a branding opportunity and can help set the tone for the restaurant you’re selling. Are you a fun, family-centered restaurant? Try fun, colorful, more casual uniforms. Are you an upscale, white tablecloth restaurant with eyes set on a Michelin star? Try something more formal – white aprons, tuxedoed hosts, etc.
  • Stain-resistant fabrics. Let’s face it – spills happen. Luckily, many uniform options are available in stain-resistant fabrics. This is key to making sure that your restaurant staff maintain a clean and fresh look during restaurant shifts. (Added benefit of hospitality uniforms – they prevent your staff from damaging their own clothes!)
  • Employee loyalty. Finally, having a consistent look for your restaurant staff provides an elevated level of employee loyalty. Much like an athlete’s uniform designates they’re part of a team, a restaurant staff will have the same feeling of belonging, camaraderie, and pride in their coworkers.

Now, let’s think about it from the patron’s perspective. How are uniformed restaurant employees viewed by patrons?

  • Easily identifiable staff roles. Ever been in a restaurant where the staff is dressed almost identically to the patrons? How long did it take you to track down your server to get the check? Restaurant staffs that are dressed in clearly identifiable uniforms put the patrons at ease and make it easier to distinguish roles within the facility. For instance, a host should be dressed differently than a server or a chef.
  • Exude competency. No matter where an employee is stationed in the restaurant – the host stand, a server, or a member of the kitchen staff – patrons want them to exude a competency that they’ll get their jobs done. Uniformed restaurant employees give off an air of capability right from the first glance.
  • Appear approachable. Employees who wear uniforms as viewed as more approachable, courteous, and friendly than those who don’t wear uniforms. Restaurants are, after all, part of the customer service industry. Uniformed employees appear accessible, welcoming, and responsive to patrons’ needs. • Be a professional. This one’s pretty simple – uniforms equal professionalism. When an employee is in uniform, they are expected to uphold the restaurant’s code of conduct and act accordingly. A uniform presumes the employee is here to work.

At the end of the day, it comes down to optics. If you’re a patron looking at a restaurant, what would you rather see? A grungy kitchen filled with employees wearing ratty t-shirts, or a clean kitchen filled with a cook staff in chef coats and hats? Restaurant uniforms can go a long way to making your patrons feel comfortable, taken care of, and welcomed at your location.

May 29, 2019 | Hospitality

Picture this: you’re headed out to a restaurant for dinner on Friday night. You’re with a group of friends and you’re celebrating a birthday or maybe an anniversary. You’ve had your eye on the new restaurant that just opened in your neighborhood - you’ve heard the food is delicious and the service is great. After making a reservation, you show up on Friday night and see that it has… paper tablecloths.

No big deal, right?

But suddenly the evening feels less special. You had your heart set on a nice dinner and great service, and now it’s feeling a little lackluster.

You’re not alone. A recent survey states that U.S. consumers associate cloth table settings with:

  • 88% better service
  • 75% better food quality
  • 82% better appearance and ambiance
  • 84% environmentally friendly practices

Paper alternatives just don’t have the same pizzazz.

Benefits of Linen Table Settings

Consumers’ preference toward linen tablecloths isn’t that surprising. They have a ton of additional benefits:

1. They elevate the restaurant’s décor.

It seems like a small thing, but linen tablecloths can bring a new ambiance to a restaurant. They make a restaurant seem elegant, and as such, patrons are oftentimes willing to spend slightly more money on their entrees. The allure of a white tablecloth meal is a real thing.

2. They help trap spills.

It doesn’t matter how upscale a restaurant is – spills can happen anywhere. And when they do, it’s important to contain them as quickly as possible so as not to cause more mess or ruin a diner’s clothing. Linen tablecloths can soak up spilled drinks so that they are confined and don’t run off the table onto the floor or a patron’s lap.  

3. They help the environment.

Did you know that, on average, restaurant patrons use 3 paper napkins per meal? Investing in reusable linen tablecloths and napkins helps to reduce the amount of paper products that end up in landfills. And, they can be easily laundered and restocked so you always have a fresh supply.

4. They help absorb sound.

Have you ever been out to eat at a restaurant that is so loud you can’t enjoy a conversation with the people at your table? Linen tablecloths can help absorb noise in a restaurant, bringing the overall volume down and making it easier for patrons to enjoy their meals.

Make a Change

If you’re a restaurant owner, consider making the change from paper or vinyl tablecloths to linen. It’s a simple change, and it can make a big difference in the dining experience you offer. Learn more about Morgan Services’ full line of restaurant table linens that bring elegance, durability and value to restaurants nationwide.

May 2, 2019 | Hospitality

Interested in revamping the look of the bathrooms at your business, but hesitant to incur the expense of a full remodel? A matching line of new bathroom dispensers is a great way to provide an inexpensive face lift to the bathrooms at your restaurant, café, gym or spa. Available in a variety of colors, these bathroom dispensers can be embossed with your logo to maintain your branding throughout your entire facility.

Unlike our competitors who put their logos on the bathroom dispensers, we wanted to provide this opportunity to our clients so they can take advantage of an easy, effective marketing solution. More than just a sticker, an embossed logo helps to elevate the décor in your bathrooms and add a touch of color.

Morgan Services Logo Dispenser Color Options

Color options for bathroom dispensers include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Red

This unique offering from Morgan Services – all part of our new facility service solutions – is a small but cost-conscious solution to giving your facilities a branded facelift. Take it from one of our customers at Generoasta Coffee: “We love the look of the dispensers and they really fit with the decor of the restrooms. The design process couldn’t have been simpler and we were pleasantly surprised by the low cost. It’s nice to see our brand throughout the whole café space.”

Morgan Logo Dispenser optionsLogo customization is available for the following bathroom dispensers:

  • Paper towel holders:
    • Electronic Hardwound
    • Auto-Cut
  • Bath tissue holders:
    • Twin Jumbo
    • Small Core
  • Hand soap containers:
    • Manual Soap
    • Auto Soap

We’ve partnered with RL Williams to make sure creating a logo dispenser for your facility is as easy as can be. Follow these steps:

  • Download and fill out our Logo Design Request Form
  • Attach a high-resolution image file (300 dpi or higher) of your company’s logo
  • Submit the form and artwork to
    • Note: Designs require about 10 business days to produce. Submissions under 10 days cannot be guaranteed.
  • Once the design is completed, you’ll receive a “proof” of the design for your approval. If everything looks good, send it back and we’ll proceed with production!

Take advantage of this design opportunity to expand your brand presence at your business. Contact us with any questions.

March 25, 2019 | Hospitality

Chef coats have long been worn in commercial kitchens. Often made with double-thick material, a chef coat helps to protect chefs and line cooks from common dangers, like hot grease and steam. In high-end restaurants and those with open kitchens, the chef coat also helps to elevate the professional appearance of the kitchen staff.

But let’s face it – though necessary, chef coats make you hot.

According to OSHA, kitchen temperatures can get up to 110 degrees when chefs and line cooks are working in front of hot grills – any time of the year.  Cooks often find themselves taking frequent trips to the walk-in refrigerator for temporary relief from the heat.

So how do you maintain the professional appearance and safety benefits of a chef coat and keep cool? Morgan has the answer: mesh.

Mesh chef coats from Regent are designed for comfort without sacrificing the advantages of a traditional chef coat.

Download our brochure for more information about the Morgan Hospitality Mesh Coats.