Privacy Curtain Program

Shielding against infection where you least suspect it

Privacy Curtain

What you can't see can hurt you

Dangerous pathogens have been discovered on the hands of staff after opening/closing cubicle and other privacy curtains. They include C.diff, Staph, MRSA and others that contribute to the 1.7 million Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) that occur each year. It's an unseen enemy that not only makes patients vulnerable but can lead to lower HCAHPS scores and greater financial risk for your facility.

Take control: Morgan Privacy Curtain Cleaning Program

Systematic, data-driven and thorough, Morgan's unique Privacy Curtain Cleaning Program is designed to deliver greater infection control while safeguarding patient care. Fully scalable to meet your needs, it's a comprehensive, cost-effective solution to fight this unseen source of infection before it spreads.

Morgan gives you more to control infection:

  • We track every curtain using the latest RFID and barcode technology so you always know its location and status
  • We document each curtain's laundry history to ensure timely cleaning and guard against potential litigation
  • We professionally launder your privacy curtains to meet the most demanding industry standards for safety and hygienic protection
  • We handle all the logistics - from hanging and removing curtains, to mending curtains, to providing and installing loaner curtains


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Healthcare associated pathogens discovered on hands of hospital staff after opening/closing cubicle curtains


SOURCE: Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, Nov. 2005
Morgan has barcoded all our curtains and installed software in our facility so we can track the curtains. The tracking provides added value and solves our problems.


We code and track every curtain so you always know its location and status