Scrub Locker Program

Time to shelve your open-shelf system

Lab Coats

Avoid employee discontent, unprofessional staff appearance, and potential for infection

Morgan’s one-of-a-kind scrub locker program can help you avoid the hassles and inefficiencies associated with an open-shelf system. Because it’s a rental program, it’s easy and affordable to implement. Morgan picks up all the upfront investment in scrubs and laundering, making this a risk-free solution.

  • Reduce loss and ruin.
  • Ensure a better experience for your staff.
  • Help minimize the threat of infection.
  • Manage inventory more efficiently.

More convenience, more control, more cost-savings

Our proprietary process is designed to deliver the scrubs employees need, when they need them, in the size, style and color desired.

  • Morgan installs and services the lockers, eliminating high labor and stocking cost.
  • Each employee is fitted to ensure they receive the proper size, style and color.
  • Morgan or the nurse manager will set the appropriate inventory for each employee.

Streamline inventory management to minimize staff burden

  • The program holds employees accountable for wearing their assigned scrubs, eliminating shortage.


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1.7 million

The CDC estimates 1.7 million infections and nearly 100,000 deaths are a direct result of Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs). With Morgan’s scrub locker program, employees do not head home wearing their scrubs, eliminating improper cleaning methods and greater exposure to contamination.

I was using the same vendor for linen and scrubs and it just wasn’t working. Every day, I was dealing with angry employees who couldn’t find the right size or color scrub. With Morgan, they deliver full accountability.